Snipers vs Thieves Wiki

Bags are used by Thieves to carry their stolen Cash. There are four attributes to each bag: Capacity, Toughness, Drip Rate and Weight.

  • Capacity is how much Cash the bag contains at the start of a match. Can be improved with mods.
  • Toughness is how resistant the bag is to gunfire. Higher Toughness causes the bag to lose less Cash and gain less drip rate when shot. Can be improved with mods.
  • Drip Rate is the rate at which the Thief loses Cash when not in cover, measured in Cash per second ( SvT Cash.png Thieves​/s). Wearing Disguise reduces Drip Rate. Can be improved with mods.
  • Weight is how heavy the bag is, and higher Weight makes the Thief run slower. Measured in pounds (lb). Cannot be improved with mods.

Higher-level bags have more Capacity and Toughness, though at a cost of more Drip Rate and Weight.

List of Bags[]