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The Black Market is a shop that allows the player to purchase Gadget tokens, Masks, Cases and Mods. It resets every 8 hours, or at 12am UTC, bringing in a new set of items.


Gadget Tokens[]

After each reset, the Black Market chooses 3 random Gadgets from each rarity for either the Sniper or Thief. The Black Market sells 100 common Gadget tokens for 1K SvT Cash.png each (100K SvT Cash.png in total), 50 rare Gadget tokens for 5K SvT Cash.png each (250K SvT Cash.png in total) and 10 legendary Gadget tokens for 50K SvT Cash.png each (500K SvT Cash.png in total).


1 Mask is sold after each reset, from a random rarity and collection. Masks sold are unique; Masks that the player already own will not be sold in the Black Market.


In the Black Market, special Cases are sold namely the Bronze Case, Silver Case and Golden Case. These Cases are sold for SvT Gold.png only, and give Masks or Mods alongside regular Gadget tokens. These cases can be bought at any time and will not run out.


2 Mods are sold after each reset from a random rarity, for either Rifles or Bags. Each Mod can be bought up to 3 times, with increasing price after subsequent purchases.