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Clans, formerly known as cartels, are groups of players that participate in challenges, heist, and compete for the best rewards on the leaderboards. Clans have one boss, who is in charge of the whole clan, and can set the message of the day, kick out players, and change the clan description & requirements. Clans are unlocked by level three.


All bots are members of any one of the following 25 clans. IDs are in parentheses:

  • Say_Hello_To (]hi[)
  • summertime (sumr)
  • -=RICH_AF=- (RICH)
  • xX_P_A_I_N_Xx (PaiN)
  • WallstreetOrs (WARP)
  • No_Sense (NoSe)
  • Cookie Korner (CoK)
  • Pengueens (Peng)
  • .,*what*,. (WHT)
  • Sparkle_Pony (SPRKL)
  • united 3lite (uE)
  • _Roxxors_ (r0ck)
  • Take_Us_On (aha)
  • x010011100 (x0110)
  • Red_Dots (PRD)
  • XCromX (CROM)
  • Skillz4ever (KILL)
  • Ironforge (IRNFG)
  • xXrubyXx (RUBY)
  • hoT_toasT (bttry)
  • Gorgon_Saints (GORG)
  • -=CORN=- (CORN)
  • Oceans_4 (xx4xx)
  • $$money$$ (cash)