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Gadgets are important to both a Sniper and Thief. A Sniper who uses Gadgets well can win many games, and so can a Sniper who barely knows how to play. A Thief who plays their cards right and uses the right Gadgets, on the other hand, can escape from any situation.


Gadgets are typically obtained from cases, but can also be purchased from the Black Market directly or from safes. If purchased directly, there is a quantity limit for each rarity, per reset: 100 commons, 50 rares and 10 epics.

Sniper Gadgets[]

The Sniper's Gadgets are separated into three categories; Ammo, Support, and Trap Gadgets.


These Gadgets, except the Machine Gun, when used, give the Sniper one bullet that has varying effects, like inflicting poison damage, freezing and dealing splash damage. These Gadgets are great for picking off individual Thieves as they usually only affect one target, but the Disease Ammo and Explosive Ammo are exceptions to this. Also, Ammo Gadgets cannot be countered by the Trap-Avoid Gadget.

ExplosiveAmmo.png Explosive Ammo
These tiny but powerful explosive will turn minor injuries into medium sized catastrophes.
Poison Ammo.png Poison Ammo
Hand-dipped in a variety of foul liquids, these rounds inflict continuous, poisonous pain.
FreezeAmmo.png Freeze Ammo
Shipped overnight from the Arctic, this ammo chills thieves to their greedy bones.
DiseaseAmmo.png Disease Ammo
This bullet spreads infectious viruses and bacteria from host to fellow thieves.
CaltropsAmmo.png Caltrops Ammo
Contains thousands of micro-barbs that trap and hurt the target.
BigHeadAmmo.png Big Head Ammo
Each round is hand-dipped in bee venom to swell up heads and make easy targets.
Dumdum Ammo.png Dumdum Ammo
This full metal jacket ammunition increases the damage of your rifle by a lot.

Some Support Gadgets, like the Laser Pointer and Radar provide boosts for the Sniper, while the others drop multiple Trap Gadgets around the map. The boost-type Gadgets provide temporary stat bonuses or reveal the Thieves' location, while the "Trap drop"-type Gadgets help block off important routes for the Thieves, giving the Sniper more time to focus on killing each Thief. Most Support Gadgets have very short cooldowns, making them easily spammable.

Radar.png Radar
Fire up this military grade radar to find the thieves, then gun them down like filthy dogs!
Xray.png X-Ray
Tired of thieves hiding from your deadly attention? Give them a short blast of x-rays.

Trap Gadgets allow the Sniper to place a specific area on the map where Thieves will be afflicted with status effects should they enter it.

Mine.png Mine
Mines are perfect for slightly maiming thieves or removing unsightly extra appendages.
Stamina Trap.png Stamina Trap
Slow down thieves with a trap that drains stamina in a cloud of weaponized household chores.
Time Bomb.png Time Bomb
This trap uses a variety of household glues and high explosives combined with a timer.
Freeze Trap.png Freeze Trap
Cheap freeze trap to freeze thieves.
Motion Bomb.png Motion Bomb
This mildly lethal bomb counts down faster towards a sudden but entertaining end.
PoisonTrap.png Poison Trap
Once triggered, this trap will inflict painful and continuous, poisonous damage.
CaltropsTrap.png Caltrops Trap
Deploy these metal twists to slow any thief that forgets their iron shoes.
BoogieTrap.png Boogie Trap
Force a thief to dance while you take your time putting the right bullet in just the wrong orifice.
BigHeadTrap.png Big Head Trap
Enlarge your enemies' heads so they fall at your feet with new holes in their faces.

Thief Gadgets[]

The Thief's Gadgets are separated into three categories; Boosts, Support and Disguise Gadgets.


Boosts, and their name suggests, usually provide boosts to the Thief's attributes, like speed, health and stamina. Other types of Boost Gadgets can destroy or avoid the Sniper's Traps and reduce a Thief's size.

SpeedBoost.png Speed Boost
For the furious who want to be fast.
TrapAvoid.png Trap-Avoid
This gadget fully protects you from traps but not forever.
MiniMe.png Mini-me
Everyone knows that your problems grow with your silhouette, so just make yourself smaller again.
HealthFix.png Health Fix
Shrug off bullet wounds and gain back some health with one dose of this pick-me-up.
StaminaBoost.png Stamina Boost
A highly caffeinated energy drink that ups your stamina with only slight long-term effects.
Adrenogain.png Adren-O-Gain
Run faster and live longer by taking a well-timed dose of this pure synthetic adrenaline.

Support Gadgets for the Thief are mostly team-oriented and can help a full band of Thieves to get to the Getaway Van alive. Most of them drop various Gadgets to cover points around the map, while the others can stun the Sniper and delay the cops' arrival.

  • 16Bit RPG
  • Barrel Drop
  • Disguise Drop
  • Health Drop
  • Shield Drop
  • Stun RPG
  • Time Freeze

Disguise Gadgets serve as an extra layer of protection for the Thief or to conceal their location. It should be worth noting that "wearable" Disguise Gadgets (Barrel, Disguise, Head Safe, Shield) can partially or completely negate the effects of explosions from Explosive Ammo, Mines and Bombs.

Digger.png Digger
This tunneler lets thieves sneak closer to their getaway car with no exposure to sun.
Barrel.png Barrel
Extra layer of protection, making it harder for the sniper to hit the thief in the barrel.


  • Common, rare and epic gadgets all have a set maximum level (10/8/5), experience gain, tokens required and upgrade cost per level.