Snipers vs Thieves Wiki

The Getaway Van is a gray van that is the main objective of the Thieves; it is the point in the map where they need to get to in order to escape. Once a Thief gets into the Getaway Van, fireworks launch into the sky and the match is counted as a win for the Thief (unless the Thief is disconnected).

If all four Thieves are from the same Clan, the Getaway Van is painted with the Clan's color, and the Clan's symbol is displayed on its sides.

Getaway Car[]

In Roseville, there is a Getaway Car that can be accessed by interacting with the telephone cover point at the side of the map. The Getaway Car functions similarly to the Getaway Van, but can only be used by one Thief. The Getaway Car does not change appearance if all four Thieves are from the same Clan.