Snipers vs Thieves Wiki

The Sniper uses many gadgets and gizmos in their arsenal to take down thieves, but the bread and butter of the operation, and most likely, the determining factor of the game, is their Rifle. You can use the slider on top of the scope to zoom in or out. As the player's level increases, new Rifles will be unlocked. Rifles can also be upgraded with mods, which can drastically increase their effectiveness.

BabyRifle.png DardickRifle.png TrampsTerror.png TheRagingHornet.png
Baby Rifle Dardick Rifle Tramp's Terror Raging Hornet
TheSilverBullet.png Georgia.png NightmareRifle.png GrimReaper.png
The Silver Bullet Georgia Nightmare Rifle Grim Reaper
TheWidowmaker.png VasilysVigour.png BigHugeRifle.png EvenBiggerRifle.png
The Widowmaker Vasily's Vigour Big Huge Rifle Even Bigger Rifle
Basically a Cannon


The Sniper's Rifles can perform a headshot, when the Sniper shoots a Thief's head. Performing a headshot will multiply the damage of your rifle by 100%; which will most likely instantly kill a Thief, depending on their level. A well-trained sniper, who gets headshots consistently is truly one to be feared. You will get a Cash Bonus if you get a headshot a Thief. Get all 4 headshots and you can get a ton of cash.


Any sniper rifle can be upgraded with Mods. Most mods have a tremendous affect on the power of your rifle, and many can give you just the edge you need to win a game. Mods are categorized into three rarities, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze mods don't do much for the power of your rifle, while Silver and Gold Mods provide huge bonuses.

See this page for a list of rifle modifications.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • Don't forget, your Rifle isn't the only weapon you have. Make sure to use your Gadgets too!
  • Headshots aren't always the thing to go for. Sometimes, it's better just to shoot the thief's body.
  • If you intend to get a new Rifle soon after you buy one, do not put any Mods on it. It is very hard to get back a good Mod. If you really need to add Mods to your rifle, then use Bronze Mods. They give you minor bonuses, but they'll mostly do the trick.
  • Use Gadgets like the Freeze Trap, Caltrops Trap, Big Head Trap, or even the Boogie Trap to make it easier to get headshots on thieves.
  • Using Gadgets like the Poison trap, Radar, X-ray or Disease trap can make it easier to find and kill Thieves.
  • You get cash by shooting decoy's.